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Center of Industry-Academic Collaboration and Continuing Education

Classification Full Name of Regulation Download 1 Download 2
1、Promote education-related 1.1 Ministry of Education Regulations for the Implementation of Post-Specialty Promotion Education   PDF
  1.2 Implementation Regulations Governing Provision of Distance Education by Junior Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education   PDF
  1.3 NCNU Promotion of education implementation method   PDF
  1.4 NCNU Highlights of the Promotional Education Review Panel   PDF
  1.5 NCNU Key Points in Promoting Education Revenue and Expenditure Management   PDF
  1.6 NCNU Guidelines for Promoting Education Classes   PDF
  1.7 NCNU Key Points for Promoting Teacher Appointments   PDF
2、Publication related regulations 2.1 NCNU Publication Management Practice Regulations   PDF
  2.2 NCNU Key points for applying for academic journal grants   PDF
3、Honor 3.1 NCNU Regulations for Honorary Professorships   PDF
  3.2 NCNU Highlights of the Honorary Chair   PDF
  3.3 NCNU Chairs and Distinguished Professorships   PDF
4、Seminar 4.1 NCNU Method of setting up lectures   PDF
5、Salary Flexibility Incentive 5.1 NCNU Key points of implementing flexible salary for recruiting and retaining special talents   PDF
6、Part-Time Faculty Secondment 6.1 NCNU Feedback on teachers' part-time employment or secondment to civil service institutions   PDF
7、Industry-Academic Partnership Program 7.1 NCNU Implementation Regulations for University-Industry Cooperation   PDF
  7.2 NCNU Key points of income and expenditure management of industry-academic cooperation   PDF
8、Incentive for Teachers 8.1 NCNU Incentives for teachers to participate in the program and the implementation of educational outreach   PDF
9、Plan balance allocation 9.1 NCNU Allocation, Use and Management of the Balance of the University-Industry Cooperation   PDF
10、Human Resources Employment 10.1 NSTC Notes on the contracting of research manpower for research projects   PDF
  10.2 NCNU Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Teaching and Research Fee Schedule   PDF
  10.3 NCNU PhD-level Industrial R&D Talent Recruitment and Flexible Salary Operation Highlights   PDF
  10.4 NCNU Program Salary Scale for Professional Staff   PDF
  10.5 NCNU Program Part-time Assistant Fee Schedule   PDF
  10.6 NCNU Research Scholarship Requirements and Basic Criteria   PDF
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