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Comprehensive Planning Section


Name :  SUNG,Yu-Shan
Position :  Director
Contact :

  Tel: +886-49-2910960 ext  2810
  Email : yssung@ncnu.edu.tw

Job Content: 
● Responsibilities related to the university's research and development achievements: 
1. Responsible for the protection, management, and technology transfer of the university's R&D achievements, as well as proposals and announcements 
2. Assist in applying for patents related to R&D achievements 
3. Manage the patent rights, committee appointments, and convening 
4. Termination of the patent rights, submission for review, and reporting to funding agencies 
5. National Science and Technology Council's STRIKE system related tasks 
6. Submission and distribution of technology transfer cases, research and development funds, and royalty payments 
7. Other matters related to technology transfer and achievement protection 
● Research awards for colleges and universities subsidized by the National Science and Technology Council 
● Management and performance evaluation of non-established university-level centers 
● Compilation of reported data from various units within the department 
● Other temporary tasks as assigned
★deputy:TSO, Amanda W., PANG, Feng-hsien

Name : TSO, Amanda W. 
Position : Research Assistant

Contact :

  Tel: +886-49-2910960 ext 2813

   Email : whtso@ncnu.edu.tw


Job Content:
● National Science and Technology Council project-related matters: "Research Project", "Industry-Academia Cooperation Project", "Postdoctoral Research Talent Recruitment Project" etc. 
● National Science and Technology Council non-project-related matters: short-term overseas research, outstanding research awards, doctoral scholarships, and postdoctoral academic publications, etc. 
● National Science and Technology Council "Undergraduate Student Research Project" (including research creation award) related matters 
● On-site inspection of internal audit operations by the National Science and Technology Council within the university 
● National Science and Technology Council project "Surplus Fund Distribution" application and change review-related matters 
● National Science and Technology Council "National R&D Status Survey" related matters
● "Encouraging Undergraduate Students to Participate in Research Projects" related matters 
● THE World University Rankings
● Academic research awards 
● Other temporary tasks as assigned
deputy: LIAO, Ming-Yeh

Name  :LIN,Pei-Chen
Position : Executive Officer

Contact :

  Tel: +886-49-2910960 ext 2811

  Email :peichen@ncnu.edu.tw

Job Content:
● Ministry of Education subsidy program-related tasks
● Ministry of Education Yushan (Young) Scholar Program
● Assistance with the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Sprout Project
● Ministry of Education major project handling window - USR University Social Responsibility Implementation Program, New Southbound Program
● Ministry of Education recruitment and retention of special outstanding talents flexible salary-related tasks
● Distinguished and chair professor-related tasks
● Other government agency subsidy program-related tasks
● Domestic conference subsidy application
● "Academic ethics" related matters (including research ethics review)
● Taiwan National University System R&D work circle related tasks
● Other temporary tasks assigned
deputy: TSO, Amanda W., LIAO, Ming-Yeh


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